Stadt Nürnberg


Photo: Chris Civitillo


Self-ironic muesli Rapp with a Jazz-hip-hop big band

Yes, it is possible: lyrical hip-hop with self-ironic texts, straight to the point, seasoned with elements from Funk, Soul, Jazz. In 2016, this 11-strong student band got together in a trendy pub in Erlangen. And hit a nerve. Their first (excellent) album, ‚Detox‘, came out this summer, highlighting current topics: ‚Nachtbus‘ (Night Bus) talks about a long-distance relationship in our mobile society

Lineup: Christian Emmel (Vocals), Rita Bavanati (Vocals), Chris Wohlmuth (Guitar, Vocals), Sascha Daniel (Piano, Synthesizer), Robin Preiß (Bass), Christoph Meyen (Cello, Percussion), Felix Schmidt (Drums), Bastian Stahl (Trumpet), Fabian Grassl (Trumpet), Felix Linsmeier (Trombone), Konstantin Scharnagl (Saxophone)

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: Katharinenruine, Am Katharinenkloster 6, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Julien Fertl

A Tale of Golden Keys

The Sound Of Vast Expanses

Nuremberg band 'A Tale Of Golden Keys' consistently continue along the musical path they set out on nine years ago: dense sound images you have to get involved with, surprising disruptions and subtle detail. Since then they have toured festivals and clubs with their melodic pop, been awarded the Nuremberg Culture Promotion Award (2016) and had several million streams on Spotify for their first album 'Everything Went Down as Planned' (2015).

Lineup: Hannes Neunhoeffer (Vocals, Guitar, Piano), Florian Dziajlo (Bass), Jonas Hauselt (Drums)

Time: 00:30-2:00, 00:30-2:00
Venue: Adina Apartment Hotel, Dr.-Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 1-7, 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Ludwig Olah

Béatrice Kahl & Thilo Wolf and guests

Burning Hammond with music by
The Beatles, Prince and others

Both of them are on the road a lot with their music, in Germany, England, France and the USA. They have numerous musical projects of their own, and they have in common that the centre of their lives is in Franconian Fürth. So it stands to reason that pianist and Hammond organist, Béatrice Kahl from Hanover and Fürth composer and big band leader, Thilo Wolf, get together for concerts also outside their home sound studio. They present an energetic programme with music by The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and others, leaving room for softer tones.

Lineup: Béatrice Kahl (Hammond), Thilo Wolf (Drums, Accordion), Jürgen Neudert (Trombone), Sebastian Klose (Bass)

Time: 00:30-2:00, 00:30-2:00
Venue: Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Aufsesssaal, Kartäusergasse 1, 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Berny Meyer

Cirque Garuda

New dimension

It is the amalgamation of projection mapping and circus arts that makes Cirque Garuda unique. Now they are back with a new show and a new dimension: their projection becomes three dimensional. But of course it is not about new technical potential, it is always about the way our mind creates its own world, our perception shapes its own understanding and interpretation of the world. Cirque Garuda shows the magic in our lives and our potential for love. Ati Sphere is the creative mind of Cirque Garuda from Prague. He creates new experiences in projection mapping for theatres, enterprises, commercials, events and festivals in several countries. Sometimes he also tours India, Africa, Italy and Germany with his Cirque Garuda.

Lineup: Ati Sphere (Director, Animation, Programming, Juggling), Jonas Janku and Nikol Šneiderová (Choreography, Acrobatics)

Time: 20:30-20:50, 21:45-22:05, 23:00-23:20
Venue: Heilig-Geist-Saal, Hans-Sachs-Platz 2, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Matthias Merz

Das Feuertanzwerk

Melting Cultures––Dance and Fire

Fire and Dance have always been part of rites of passage in the most diverse cultures. In this sense, choreographer, Ingo Schweiger, and his team have set themselves the task of letting the old year dissolve in an atmospheric spectacle where all the boundaries between dance, music and fire artistry melt away.

Lineup: Musik und Perkussion: Stefano Renzi;Artists and dancers: Larissa Crema, Andra-Maria Jebelean, Karen Jurasin, Marie Kropf, Stephan Scheiderer, Ingo Schweiger, Anne-Kathrin Wallmann

Time: 00:40:00-01:00, 01:40-02:00
Venue: Katharinenruine, Am Katharinenkloster 6, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Die Japanische Clubjacke

Die Japanische Clubjacke

Space foam from Deep House and Jazz

Three musicians, known from various Jazz/Pop/Funk groups, got together to tinker with analogue synthesizers from the 1980s and to create their very own–– live––electronic music. The three gentlemen greatly enjoy letting ideas pop up 'on the spot'. And audiences catch fire, and start shaking a leg. Beats, swirling sounds, creaking basses, shimmering sci-fi sounds, psychelectro––well, space foam––accompany them on their travels. Meanwhile the trio from Nuremberg’s Gostenhof district has toured the entire Federal Republic.

Lineup: Fips Buschke (Keyboards), KJ Ross (Keyboards), Markus Mai (Beats)

Time: 00:30-2:00, 00:30-2:00
Venue: Eckstein, Burgstr. 1-3, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Enrico Meyer

El Mago Masin

Anarchic Comedy from Franconia

El Mago Masin presents a colourful mix of guitar playing, crazy songs, anarchic comedy and profound nonsense. This is why he was recently described as a 'Singer songwriter with a Peter Pan syndrome'. Quite apt, since his last programme was presented completely in reverse, ending with the sound check. The Franconian comedy scene has acquired a new word juggler with Nuremberg’s El Mago Masin. He has appeared in major German TV shows such as 'Night Wash' and 'Quatsch Comedy Club', collected several awards, such as the 2017 'NDR Comedy Contest', and in recent years has developed a wonderful children’s programme in the guise of Toni Komisch.

Lineup: Wolfgang Masin

Time: 00:30-2:00, 00:30-2:00
Venue: CVJM , Kornmarkt 6, 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Mia Maria Knoll

Ensemble KONTRASTE: Babylon Berlin inspired

Music by Gene Pritsker from and inspired by the TV series Babylon Berlin

They have never been boring, this Ensemble Konstraste with their surprising concert ideas across all genres. Their latest coup: a cooperation with composer, rapper and guitarist, Gene Pritsker, who has worked with orchestras, ensembles and film productions worldwide. He made a significant contribution to the orchestration of the music for the extremely successful German TV series 'Babylon Berlin' and also contributed his own compositions.

Lineup: Conductor: Gene Pritsker, Ensemble Kontraste: Günter Voit (Clarinet, Bass clarinet), Joachim Lenhardt (Saxophone), Eckhard Kierski (Trumpet), Johannes Kronfeld (Trombone), Josef Müksch (Guitar), Stefan Danhof (Piano), Alex Bayer (Electric bass), Christian Stier (Drums), Moritz Ter-Nedden (Violin), Ariel Barnes (Violoncello)

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: Rathaus, Wolffscher Bau, Historischer Rathaussaal, Rathausplatz 2, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Marco Borggreve

Evgenia Rubinova

Lively––sensuous––virtuoso: New Year’s Eve with Liszt

She was considered a child prodigy: at the age of 12, Evgenia Rubinova won her first international piano competition. Consistently she continued on this path which took her to concerts with top orchestras in Germany (including the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie), Russia, Japan, Peru and the USA. Her recordings and her live playing are highly praised. The German daily, FAZ, attests her ‘superior balance of extremes‘, and the magazine ‘Pizzicato‘ appreciates her ‘unconventional ideas‘. For the Silvestival, Rubinova, who has chosen to make her home in Nuremberg, will present a programme of transcriptions and original compositions by Liszt: Transcriptions: ‘Auf dem Wasser zu singen‘ and ‘Erlkönig‘ (Schubert), ‘Adelaide‘ and a march (Beethoven)

Lineup: Evgenia Rubinova (Piano)

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: St. Martha, Königstraße 79, 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Fotodesign Michael Meyer

Feuerbach Quartett

Cheeky strings between Classic and Rock

‘Born To Be Child’, that’s the name the quartet has given to its brand-new programme which will be published as an album on 8.11.2019, and will practically take its very first steps during Silvestival. The four musicians from four nations together will celebrate the soundtrack of their youth. Here a folksong from Azerbaijan meets Dire Straits, Rammstein meets Mozart, and Michael Jackson meets the title melody of a Russian children’s series––all played with a childlike lightness, youthful enthusiasm and mature perfection.

Lineup: Violin 1: Jamila Musayeva, Violin 2: Max Eisinger, Viola: Eugen Hubert, Cello: Lukas Kroczek

Time: 00:30-2:00, 00:30-2:00
Venue: Rathaus, Wolffscher Bau, Historischer Rathaussaal, Rathausplatz 2, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Stephan Minx

Gankino Circus

Franconian World Concert Cabaret

Madness and Idyll' is the title of one of the programmes presented by this charmingly crazy music group from Middle Franconian Dietenhofen. And indeed, their mix of their madly funny, sometimes even truly mad experiences and their musical virtuosity is so original that they have won one award after another: the Wolfram-von-Eschenbach-Award, the jury and audience awards at the Bavarian Creole World Music Competition, and recently the German World Music Award, RUTH.

Lineup: Simon Schorndanner (Vocals, Clarinet), Johannes Sens (Percussion), Maximilian Eder (Accordion), Ralf Wieland (Guitar)

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: CVJM , Kornmarkt 6, 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Artist

Grand Stereo Clash

Indie and more from the Club Stereo All Stars

Es ist schon fast eine Tradition: An Silvester legen aktuelle und ehemalige DJs des Club Stereo auf und haben gemeinsam mit dem Publikum eine großartige Nacht. Diese endet auch nicht abrupt um 2 Uhr, sondern setzt sich fort bis der Morgen graut, und die Gäste nach Hause ziehen. (Ab 2 Uhr am 1.1. kostet der Eintritt 5 Euro.)

Time: 00:30-2:00, 00:30-2:00
Venue: Club Stereo, Klaragasse 8, 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Florian Josephowitz

Hannah & Falco

Melancholy Folk Pop

It is difficult not to be completely fascinated by the poetry of these melancholy folk songs. The part songs of Hanna and Falco depend on … well, their deep familiarity, too. Falco writes the English lyrics, many of them dealing with everyday observations, changes, little stories, relationships. The duo was established in 2015, and in 2017 PULS declared the two Würzburg singers 'band of the week'. After numerous appearances with their band, The Familiar Faces, at German festivals, their debut album was published. In autumn 2019, an extended release tour is planned, including performances in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, Vienna (and Nuremberg).

Lineup: Hannah Weidlich (Vocals, Harmonica), Falco Eckhof (Vocals, Guitar)

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: Adina Apartment Hotel, Dr.-Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 1-7, 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Julie Key


Reggaenauts outta space

Jamaram just won’t fit into any one genre, and that hasn’t changed in their 19th year. Inspired by travels and tours to over 20 countries, their explosive live show, building on their basic elements of Reggae and Dub, also belts out Ska, Latin, Pop and Balkan beats. After over 1,500 live shows in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world, they are setting out for 'outta space'––'To The Moon And The Sun'! Many new songs deal with relationships between people, with love, but also with topics such as surveillance by the state and by large companies, with fear and with overcoming fear, with migration and with a self-critical reflection of our western lifestyle and mindset.

Lineup: Tom Lugo (Vocals), Murxen Alberti (Drums), Samy Danger (Guitars, Vocals), Lionel Wharton (Keyboards, Vocals), Daniel Noske (Trumpet, Trombone), Giovanni Pecorini (Saxophone, Vocals), Bendog Beblo (Bass), Nik Thäle (Percussion)

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: Klarissenplatz, Klarissenplatz, 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Mariusz Kuraskiewicz

Izabella Effenberg Septett

Virtuoso Jazz with Vibraphone and Glass Harp

Izabella Effenberg is one of Europe’s very few female vibraphone players, and the first to come from Poland. After studying classical percussion in Poland, she went on to study Jazz in Nuremberg. Towards the end of her Masters course, in 2014, she devised and organised her first Vibraphonissimo Festival in Nuremberg aiming at making this group of instruments better known. And she was right: who knows the 'Array Mbira' to whom she dedicated her album? For Silvestival, she will bring along six companions – and her glass harp. Lars Danielsson wrote about her music: 'Probably you will like it as much as I do, as there is so much beauty. – Sit back and enjoy.'

Lineup: Izabella Effenberg (Vibraphone, Glass harp, Array Mbira), Norbert Emminger (Baritone saxophone, bass clarinet), Kim Barth (Alto- and Soprano saxophone, Flute), Anton Mangold (Harp), Jochen Pfister (Piano), Jörgen Welander (Bass, Tuba), Matthias Rosenbauer (Drums)

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: Katharinensaal, Am Katharinenkloster 6, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Thomas Langer

Kim Barth & Elisen Quartett

Crossover: Latin Jazz for flute and string quartet

For his new programme with the Elisen Quartett, Kim Barth has managed to attract some of the best contemporary arrangers from Argentina, Brazil, New York, Madrid, and London, including GRAMMY nominees and winners such as Daniel Freiberg, Carlos Malta, Pete Lawrence and Mike Mossman. The compositions link the delicate sounds of chamber music with the charming world of Latin American music, and at the same time provide ample freedom for Jazz improvisation.

Lineup: Kim Barth (Saxophone, Transverse flute), Anja Schaller (Violin), Maria Schalk (Violin), Karoline Hofmann (Viola), Irene von Fritsch (Violoncello)

Time: 00:30-1:15, 01:30-2:15
Venue: Katharinensaal, Am Katharinenkloster 6, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Hendrik Nölle

Maren Eisler

Fire Magic – a fairy tale

Once upon a time, there was a king …' This is the beginning of the fairy tale about the greedy king and the young women. You think of the Grimm fairy tale 'Rumpelstiltskin' where the girl has to spin gold from straw, because her greedy father made this promise. But this story –– an emancipatory story in the best sense of the word––plays with fire. Fire plays the main and (almost all) supporting parts. Maren Eisler from Hanover leads a busy life as artist, writer, cultural agent and stage director. She has organised light shows in parks and festivals, and played street shows all over Europe. But the most important thing: she plays for life and love.

Lineup: Maren Eisler (Conception and Play)

Time: 20:30-20:50, 21:45-22:05, 23:00-23:20
Venue: Rathaus, Wolffscher Bau, Innenhof, Rathausplatz 2, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Haga Schmidt

Pocket Opera Company

Aria shavings with bittersweet cream

Starting from their Nuremberg base, the Pocket Opera Company, lovingly called POC, has unsettled the operatic world since 1974 which makes them Germany’s oldest independent musical theatre. For this year’s Silvestival, they have created a wildly romantic mix of bittersweet, seductive and fruity aria shavings, sensuous, tantalisingly melting in the ear like a cream truffle on your tongue. The incomparable Art of Opera, with only the purest and most tasty ingredients: 24% Offenbach, 17% Wagner, 10% Lortzing, 14% Marschner, 13% Strauß, 22% Weber.

Lineup: Solists: Gertrud Demmler-Schwab (Soprano), Robert Eller (Baritone), Saxophone Orchestra: Heymo Hirschmann (Soprano), Sandra Engel (Alto), Stefan Frank (Tenor), Dominik Landmann (Baritone), Musical arrangement and direction: Franz Killer, Direction: Franz Killer und Florian Reichart, Dramaturgy: Florian Reichart, Technics: Stelian Pop, in colaboration with the Dream Film Factory including Jenny Diehl, Alexander Dannhauser and Artem Selennov

Time: 20:30-21:00, 21:45-22:15, 23:00-23:30, 0:30-1:00
Venue: Opera, Königstraße 33-37 (Ostermayr-Passage), 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Chris Gonz

San2 & His Soul Patrol

Modern Soul meets rich Rhythm & Blues

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together, it’s showtime!' Whenever San2 steps on the stage with his blues harp he is the major entertainer. He is a soul man with a mission. And San2 has dedicated his soul to Rhythm & Blues, to love and to his audiences. This big, infectious soul attitude comes across so authentically that you can hardly believe that it doesn’t come straight from the legendary Motown halls! In 2019 the Munich group San2 & His Soul Patrol released their new album, 'The Rescue'.

Lineup: San2 (Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion), His Soul Patrol: Sebastian Schwarzenberger (Guitars, Backing vocals), Matthias Bublath (Hammond, Fender Rhodes), Sebastian Gieck (Bass, Backing vocals), Peter Oscar Kraus (Drums, Backing vocals)

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: Korn*s, Bar, Restaurant, Kornmarkt 5-7, 90402 Nürnberg


Each Show Booth presenting its own magic.

A ghost town. The empty eyes of the nearly dismantled booths from the famous Christmas market are looking out onto a deserted square. No, there is some life left! In the central area of booths on the Main Market Square, an open space, a Piazza is created. The four booths forming its sides are taken over by very different artists: the versatile paper artist, Miss Clarity, the wondrous oracle, Mlle Prrrr..., the puppeteer clown Dado and the word-juggling musical comedian, El Mago Masin. Each short show will last 5-8 minutes, and they will all be presented simultaneously. Spectators will be up close, directly in front of each booth. Then the audience will move to the next booth following the rhythm of the performances. Curtain up for show booth magic!

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: Hauptmarkt, Hauptmarkt, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Casey Bundock

Schaubudenzauber: Dado

The return of the Silvestival darling

A window in time, where loudspeakers come alive, where objects dance and a banana sings. Dado’s experimental approach to his props and his surroundings is impartial, curious and unconventional. Time seems to slow down while the room fills with laughter and audiences want to keep watching this strange 'Quasimodo' figure. The Canadian clown resident in Germany regularly tours to festivals in Australia, Canada, Israel, Portugal, Italy, France, Scotland, England and Germany.

Lineup: Daniel Warr (Conception and Play)

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: Hauptmarkt, Hauptmarkt, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Thiemo Wenkemann

Schaubudenzauber: El Mago Masin

The Comedian from the Box

An odd bird resides in the Schaubude: El Mago Masin. Before presenting his show in the CVJM, Nuremberg word juggler has his debut on the Main Market Square. One man, one guitar, long dreadlocks, a market stand – and a crazy world full of quirky ideas and charming spontaneous songs is born. Emerging – disappearing. Moving on.

Lineup: Wolfgang Masin

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: Hauptmarkt, Hauptmarkt, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Reinhold Skrzeba

Schaubudenzauber: Miss Clarity

Paper magic

Miss Claritiy mixes origami, paper magic and wizardry. Creating a magical New Year with you. Taking the old and tearing it into something new and full of wonder. Miss Clarity turns paper into art before your eyes and reminds us we all have the ability to create magic.

Lineup: Casey Bundock (Conception and Play)

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: Hauptmarkt, Hauptmarkt, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Alexa Sommer

Schaubudenzauber: Mlle Prrrr…

Oracle to go

Only for this magical night, Mlle Prrrr... has established herself in a show booth on the Main Market Square. Only for you! If you’re ready for the truth! Her box of tricks and her pockets contain some long-forgotten techniques of fortune-telling, such as traditional prophecy by pig throwing or the gummy bear oracle. Or are you courageous enough to look into the crystal ball of love? You have dreams? You need a stroke of luck? Mlle Prrrr …!!!

Lineup: Anita Fricker (Conception and Play)

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: Hauptmarkt, Hauptmarkt, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Harald H. Schroeder

Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar

The Disco Partizani Years Tour 2019

How far do you have to travel to arrive at yourself? As far as DJ Shantel was concerned, he had to dance quite a distance. Charged with his experiences as a night owl, the native of Mannheim returned from Paris in the mid 90s, and went on to open an illegal music club on the third floor of a Frankfurt late 19th century house. The turn of the millennium then brought Shantel’s momentous excursion to Bucovina. The inspiring fiery music of Romanian, Albanian, Greek and Slav tradition not only ignited Shantel’s sound, but with the heat of his 'Bucovina Club', he went on to create a wildfire on international dance floors.


Time: 00:30-2:00, 00:30-2:00
Venue: Klarissenplatz, Klarissenplatz, 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Alex Gruber

Skyline Green

Ska, Dub, Reggae, Balkan to breaking point

This young band urgently needs a video that lives up to the high-pressure live power of their mostly danceable, brass-dominated songs! What fun when the fat Dub beats make concert halls reverberate and funky brass riffs meet Cuban salsa rhythms. Since 2012, the seven young musicians from Nuremberg and surroundings have played festivals, such as the Weinturm Open Air, the Holledau Festival and the Taubertal Festival.

Lineup: Luca Wecera (Bass, Vocals), Niko Hofstetter (Vocals), Gregor Seifert (Flugabone, Vocals), Jakob Rösel (Saxophone), Nick Stalewsky (Trumpet), Leon Herzog (Guitar), Marius Holland (Keys), Silas Isenmann (Drums), Tico Sandoval (Percussion)

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: Club Stereo, Klaragasse 8, 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Gisa Pitsch / Silvia Schober

Smokestack Lightnin'

The wide world of Americana

Smokestack Lightnin‘ are a sworn team, as it were, and a band tried and tested in every aspect. The proof? 24 years of band history, 11 albums, and successes on the most diverse playing fields and stages of Moscow, London, and the USA (Nashville!). These musicians from the cities of Schwabach and Nuremberg cross the lines between the love of classic music genres such as Country, Blues and Rock´n Roll and their modernist and sometimes idiosyncratic interpretation. They have been honoured for their work, with the 2014 Nuremberg culture promotion award and the 2015 Wolfram-von-Eschenbach-Award.

Lineup: Bernie Batke (Vocals, Bass), Michael Kargel (Drums), Axel Brückner (Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals), Florian Kenner (Guitar, Vocals)

Time: 00:30-2:00, 00:30-02:00
Venue: Korn*s, Bar, Restaurant, Kornmarkt 5-7, 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Megin Zondervan

Tall Tales Company


In this acrobatic love story, a couple who have been taken over by the monotony of their ageing relationship, set out in a new direction. They learn to overcome all the irritations and misunderstandings of everyday life to walk towards each other again. Completely without words, but with dance, juggling and acrobatics this young Dutch duo tells about the difficulty of saying sorry. The act is performed live to the music of composer and producer, Jeroen Kerstens. Maartje und Harm graduated with a Bachelor of Circus Arts from the Codarts University in Rotterdam in 2012.

Lineup: Cast, play and choreography: Maartje Bonarius, Harm von der Laan, Music/ Composition: Jeroen Kerstens, Direction: Luc van Esch

Time: 20:30-20:50, 21:45-22:05, 23:00-23:20
Venue: Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Aufsesssaal, Kartäusergasse 1, 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Artist

Tanzworkshop mit Karoline Aldridge

American Line Dance

Line Dance is mainly performed to country and western music. Women and men––not in couples––dance in lines next to each other and behind each other, executing repeating sequences of figures made up from individual basic steps. Once you have learned a line dance in this workshop, you can immediately practice it ––preferably with other dancers––at Smokestack Lightnin’s Americana. Karoline Aldrigde’s philosophy of dancing is the joy of movement. The trained dancing teacher has been performing international folklore dances since she was 11, since the 1990s she’s done line dance (by Robert Hahn) and for 20 years she has taught folklore dance groups at Hersbruck Adult Education Centre and for the Association Erlanger Tanzhaus.

Time: 20:30-21:15, 21:45-22:30, 23:00-23:45
Venue: Eckstein, Burgstr. 1-3, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Carsten Goeke

Tobias Weidingers T-Funk ft. Lutz Häfner

Hip-Hop and you don’t stop!

As one of Europe’s most sought after lead trumpeters and soloists, Tobias Weidinger has been known for many years as a member of the legendary Vienna Art Orchestra or the George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band. But the heavy pumping beats of Hip-Hop and Funk have always been his second love. In the last few years, he has increasingly appeared as a sideman and arranger of singers and groups such as Joy Denalane, Roger Cicero, Max Herre, Cro, SEEED and Die Fantastischen Vier. He is assisted in this by saxophonist, Lutz Häfner. His numerous awards speak volumes: 2013 Wolfram-von-Eschenbach-Award, 2004 Bavarian Award for Arts, and first place in the European Jazz Competition.

Lineup: Tobias Weidinger (Vocals, Trumpet, Electronics), Fetsum (Vocals), Philip Kullmann (Percussion), Jesse Milliner (Keyboards), Juan Camilo Villa (Bass), Lukas Berg (Drums), Lutz Häfner (Saxophone), N.N. (Guitar)

Time: 00:30-2:00, 00:30-2:00
Venue: Heilig-Geist-Saal, Hans-Sachs-Platz 2, 90403 Nürnberg

Photo: Greg Munson

Trio ELF

Award-winning MusicBox Jazz

die Sounds wehen mal Richtung Kraftwerk, mal zu House, mal zu Klassik, mal zu Pop, mal zu Punk. Sebastian Gieck schließlich würzt das dynamische Spiel mit der Wärme seines Kontrabasses und den Songs, die er beisteuert. Ergänzt wird der Sound durch die Trio-ELF-Soundcollagen von Mario Sütel. 2016 erhielt das bayerische Trio (Regensburg) den Bremer Jazzpreis. Sie touren durch die Welt: USA, Brasilien, Australien, Walter Lang auch viel in Japan. Das amerikanische Jazzmagazin Downbeats würdigte das Trio als einzige deutsche Truppe. Sie macht weiter, wo Esbjörn Svensson aufhörte. Sechs CDs sind im Handel, ihre neueste: ‚The Brazilian Album'.;‘When the kids realised that they were dancing to a LIVE band, they went wild‘, remembers percussionist, Erwin Eisenhauer, from the first performances in 2005. At that time, it was considered impossible to play Drum’n Bass on instruments. Pure DJ skills. Until Trio ELF: Dance floor and Jazz, and anything but background Lounge music. In 2016, the Bavarian trio (from Regensburg) was honoured with the Bremen Jazz Award. They tour the world: USA, Brazil, Australia, and Walter Lang also frequently Japan. The trio is the only German group acknowledged by the American Jazz Magazine Downbeats. Six CDs are available, their latest, ‘The Brazilian Album

Lineup: Walter Lang (Grand), Gerwin Eisenhauer (Drums), Sebastian Gieck (Contrabass)

Time: 00:30-2:00, 00:30-2:00
Venue: St. Martha, Königstraße 79, 90402 Nürnberg

Photo: Jo Chorny

Vertical Theater

Drunken Master

Noah, normally an absolute dear, today has had one drink too many. Of all things, he decides to light that streetlight which is even more unsteady than himself on his wobbly legs. On top of this streetlight he sways and rollicks, 6 metres up. People ask themselves: 'Why does this thin pole not break?And why does drunken Noah not fall down when he does his one-armed handstand?' But those are the secrets of the Drunken Master!

Lineup: Noah Chorny

Time: 20:30-20:50, 21:45-22:05, 23:00-23:20
Venue: Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Eingangshalle, Kartäusergasse 1, 90402 Nürnberg

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